COVID19 Vaccination Clinic


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Waterville and Winslow Public Schools are partnering with Fairfield Pharmacy to provide a Covid-19 vaccination clinic on June16 & July 7, 2021. Clinic will be held at Waterville Senior High School from 2-5PM. The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is given in 2 doses spaced about 3 weeks apart. First dose on June 16th and the second dose on July 7th. Only injectable vaccine is available. The vaccine will be available at no cost to your child. The vaccine given to your child is preservative free. Please read the Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) attached to this letter and complete the attached Covid-19 Vaccine Health Screen Permission Form and return to the school by Friday 6/4/21.

  • Reminder: This is a 2 dose series.

    • Dates: First dose June 16th. Second dose July 7th.

    • Location: Waterville Senior High School

    • Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM

  • A vaccination record card will be given at the clinic. This card should be saved and brought back at the second visit.

  • To help cover some costs of the free Covid-19 clinics, Fairfield is able to bill your child’s insurance. Please make a copy of their insurance card and staple it to the health screen & permission form, or fill in the insurance information on the form. You will NOT receive a bill.

For information about Covid-19 vaccine click here: COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine.

For the youth vaccine information sheet click here: Covid-19 Vaccine Information Sheet Youth 12+

Covid-19 Vaccine Consent click here: Covid-19 Vaccine Health Screen Permission Form

For additional questions about the Covid-19 vaccine clinics at our schools, please call the school nurse.

Please be sure to complete, sign and return the

Covid-19 Vaccine Health Screen Permission form!