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Common Fixes for Home Networking Issues

  • Test your home internet speed at https://fast.com/. We recommend at least 3Mb/s for reliable video.

  • If you are connected wirelessly, try moving your laptop closer to your wireless access point or router.

  • Try connecting your computer directly to your router via a wired Ethernet cable, instead of relying on the WiFi in your home (newer laptops may need an adapter).

  • Limit non-essential activities (such as Netflix streaming or gaming) by family members on your home network while you are working. Consider scheduling internet time for family members who are using bandwidth for non-essential activities.

  • If your Internet is unreliable, reboot your router and wireless access point according to the instructions from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    Note: Your internet router can take up to 10 minutes to fully reboot.

Assistance if you need Internet at home