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Technical Support for Families

If you need assistance with school devices or accounts, please fill out this At Home Tech Support Request form.

Click Here for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Guide

Technical Support at School

Please email "tech team" from your School Gmail account and a ticket will be automatically created for you in our support request system.

You can also reach us by calling extension 4726. This extension rings multiple phones simultaneously so you don't have to try to track us down.

Our Team

Bryan Anderson

Senior Client Deployment Admin

Jarred Bailey

Jarred Bailey

Desktop Support Specialist

Pam Cyrway

Data Manager

Josh Farnola

Josh Farnola

Senior System Admin

Dylan Veilleux

Computer Technician

Will Backman

Director of Technology

Some History

  • February 2019 - Waterville High School received grant money to start an eSports Team.

  • October 2017 - Association of Computer and Technology Educators of Maine 30th Annual Conference.

  • September 2016 - MLTI IV begins a year early with the Apple Alternate (MacBook Air) solution.

  • September 2015 - AOS92 starts the year with over 400 Chromebooks

  • April 2015 - School websites moved over to Google Sites hosting

  • July 2014 - AOS92 moves from FirstClass to GMail for Email services

  • September 2013 - Fourth round of MLTI. AOS92 selects iPads

  • January 2013 - Tech Team moves to the Web Help Desk trouble ticket system

  • September 2012 - Websites moved over to a common theme using Drupal

  • June 2011 - First Chromebooks available

  • April 2010 - First iPad released by Apple

  • November 2009 - Google Apps for Education enabled for

  • September 2009 - Third round of MLTI, Winslow HS Participates in this round

  • July 2009 - AOS92 Starts using the Infinite Campus Student Information System

  • November 2008 - Interlocal Agreement begins the formation of AOS92

  • September 2008 - Connection to MSLN's Research and Education Fiber Network

  • September 2006 - Second round of Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI)

  • February 2006 - Facebook publicly available

  • February 2005 - YouTube launched

  • September 2002 - First round of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI)